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How can we be of benefit to you

  • Provide a one-stop consultancy base for most of your business/technology and accounting related needs
  • Our team members have worked extensively in both the private and public sectors and therefore make a wide range of tried-and-tested business skills available to you
  • We have a creditable and varied client base that can speak volumes for our reputation and level of service
  • You will derive a high degree of comfort in working with our team, since other business have done so and are continuing to place their confidence in our delivery and quality of service
  • We are approachable and willing to work with businesses both large and small at reasonable rates
  • We can help you with your business/technology requirements in the area of functional computer software selection and installation and support
  • Provide personnel that can analyze your current business procedures and practices, make appropriate business-technology recommendations and implement them
  • Interact with management and other key players to determine what reporting systems are required to effectively run the business and help with decision-making processes
  • Review your business solutions from time to time to ensure that you establish and maintain a leading edge in your market space

Solutions & Strategies

OSSI deploys solutions in the Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Services, Government and Off-shore sectors with a wide range of client profiles. Learn more by browsing the tabs to the right.

Sage ERP Solutions Integration Strategies

We have been implementing Accpac solutions since 1987, and continue to provide a host of other services around the Accpac product suite since then.

During the past 20 years, we have seen and attended to the ever-increasing demands of our clients. They have grown more sophisticated in their requirements, more conscious of the accuracy and integrity of their data are now expecting more from their finance and operational solutions.

Today’s informed user is fully aware of what is evolving globally, by way of the Internet and other forms of instant communication. They have set high standards in how they deploy their services, or in the products they offer to the public; in this regard, only the very best technology and business savvy will meet their growing demands.

It is not enough to implement our solution within budget and on time, you now want training at all levels so that your personnel can master the several features and functions that the product set has to offer. Some of you have an insatiable appetite for reports of all sorts; you want to know what has happened, what is happening and what is likely to happen.

OSSI deploys solutions in the Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Services, Government and Off-shore sectors with a wide range of client profiles. We have developed skills that will allow us to sit with all levels of management, understand their business processes and transform these requirements through the use of technology and business sense to solutions that cater to their needs.

Standard reports generated by the Sage ERP product suite are not always suitable for your needs. We have subsequently mastered the skill of developing reports using the Crystal Reports generator to meet the expanding demands of sophisticated users.

And of course, OSSI has project management, project implementation, service delivery and quality assurance down to a fine art; we perform these functions every day. All of the above attributes are

In most companies, there are a number of products and solutions that are deployed across the business technology platform. Products such as Payroll, Accounting, Human Resources, Warehouse Management and others, all form part of the solutions landscape.

It is necessary to channel the resulting financial activity of these separate and distinct solutions to a single source for reporting at the end of the period or financial year; the integration process now becomes a serious burden and overhead to the consolidation exercise.

OSSI has recognized the challenges facing your business and will develop a seamless integration strategy with you that will not only deliver the desired results, but one that will eliminate duplication of effort, reduce the human resources to only what is necessary and streamline the flow of data across the organization in a systematic and orderly fashion.