Orchid delivering all your reporting and business intelligence needs.

We have the Right Reporting APP for you.

We have the Right Reporting APP for you.

We also create custom reporting applications and integrations.

Most business-technology solutions, however effectively designed and written, will not provide all your reporting needs.
Some businesses, although similar to others, wish to see the same data presented from a totally different perspective.
It is also common for some businesses to have reports generated to suit the way the business functions in a manner that is unique to that operation.
Do you have an insatiable appetite for reports of all sorts; do you need to know what has happened, what is happening and what is likely to happen?

Our mission is to ensure integrity of accounting data from its source to the generation of management reports. We work with line staff, accountants and management to ensure that data is captured and processed at all stages along the processing chain. We look for accuracy, data integrity and most importantly, meaningful management reporting.

We have created reporting applications for clients across the region in several industries including, but not limited to:

  • Accounts Receivable Reporting
  • IFR59 Reporting
  • Inland Revenue Goods & Services Reporting
    • Prepares the A47108 spreadsheet Automatically for upload to BRA
  • Payroll Exports
  • Specialist / Niche Reporting
  • Sales Reporting

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