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Why RetailEdge for your business?

Retail is all we do

RetailEdge specializes in retail point of sale systems, that’s it. RetailEdge designs POS software that solves your retail business needs.

POS Features

POS Features

Process Sales Fast:

RetailEdge Sales Features are designed to keep your sales moving

Inventory Management:

Manages, on-orders, transfer, receiving, inventory costs and prices


Integrate external services with RetailEdge

Customer Tracking:

Tools to display and track customer history and customer lists

Iphone, IPad and Android Apps:

Retrieve your stores sales from your mobile device
RetailEdge - Award winning software

RetailEdge Features

RetailEdge Features

Credit Card Processing

  • Allows you to use any processor you want. If you want to just place a terminal on the counter not integrated with RetailEdge, go ahead.
  • Does not penalize you for not using our processing solutions. Some systems will charge a percent of sales if you do not use their processing solution. Not us.
  • Provide choice of integrated credit card processor. This allows you to negotiate the best rate and choose the best solution. In addition this allows you to choose the best integration solution for your business, whether you want networked, mobile, signature capture or simple pinpad devices.

Mobile POS

RetailEdge Island – Mobile Point of Sale the way it should be

  • RetailEdge Island
    Manage all your data from anywhere, anytime
  • Sell product at a mobile event or while walking the sales floor with your customers
  • Manage customer and inventory from the comfort of your home
  • Track your sales, inventory, and customers
  • Write your vendor purchase orders at trade shows
  • “Line-Bust” to keep your customers moving through your checkout

All mobile solutions are not built alike. Some are in the cloud, some are sales only registers, some only allow you to access certain features. RetailEdge’s Island mobile workstations are full program versions that allow you to do and see everything from anywhere. RetailEdge’s Island synchronization technology means you can make changes to and analyze your data remotely even when you are disconnected from the internet.

Web Integration

Every business today should have a web presence of some kind, whether through social media like Facebook or Pinterest or a simple website. It lets people know about your business, what’s new and how to contact you. However many times retailers want to add an additional sales channel through an e-commerce site. RetailEdge provides you with three different ways to add an e-commerce sales channel to your business.

Providing The E-Commerce Web Integration Solution You Need

Discount Rules

A real POS system needs to be able to sell fast. RetailEdge’s discount rules have all you need to manage all your discounts so that your clerks don’t have to worry about applying discounts to multiple items at the time of sale. With the push of a button you can turn on discounts for specific items and customers or for entire departments or vendors. Discounts will automatically apply when you want them to.

Discount rules provide a key element to your pricing strategy that will help your business reach its sales objectives. Discount rules can also help your business enhance its reputation and allow you to provide the best profit for the market demand.

Group discounts can be applied to items where you want to discount buying a certain quantity of a product.

  • Buy 3 get 50% off
  • 3 for $1.00
  • Buy 3 get 1 for 50% off
Discount your inventory items by a certain percent or amount. Also, set items to a certain price in a department.

  • 30% off
  • $1.00 off everything in the store
  • All items $9.99 in department
Discount items by a percent or dollar amount for selected customers.

  • Customer Discounts
  • 30% off your purchase if you spend $100 or more
  • $5.00 off for all college students
Discounts are similar to inventory and customer discounts but allow you to set up filters based on both customer and inventory files.
Discount department X by 30% for all customers from Vermont on July 4th
A Complete Sale is not based on a particular file and is the simplest type of discount. This allows you to discount everything in your inventory by a certain percentage or amount. This is useful for storewide sales and can be set for a specific time period.

  • Coupon Discounts
  • Discounts all items on the sales screen by a percent or dollar amount
  • Discounts by applying a coupon based on customer sales over the past 6 days

Local Data Storage

Local POS Data – Fast, Reliable and There When You Need It

What happens when your connection to the cloud is slow or worse yet, totally down?

With a mission critical application like point of sale (POS), you can’t afford to be down or wait while your transactions process across a slow internet connection. With RetailEdge you are always accessing your data on your computers.

Work even when disconnected

When your system disconnects from the Internet or slows down your data is still there because data is stored on your computers and not a remote server

Local data is Yours – No Big Data

No one else has your data but you. No one is data-mining your business’ information to market to your customers or competitors.

POS Equipment

RetailEdge is designed to work with the equipment that works best for your business and gives your store the look you want. Not only does RetailEdge have the ability to work on your existing devices, but we also have a wide variety of additional peripherals to add to your system. Our options do not stop there, we also offer all-in-one workstations set up with the latest equipment to run your business from a complete workstation that adds a sleek look to your business.

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