Remote working in Barbados has made the leap from niche to mainstream.

With the COVID-19 pandemic on-going, businesses are faced with the on-going challenges of business continuity and managing employees who are working-from-home.

“As a Sage customer, it’s never been easier for our company to work remotely and empower our business, employees and customers through cloud-based technology.”Remi Gauthier; Product Marketing Manager, Sage.

In this article we will look at…

  1. The best ways to set up your employees to work successfully from home
  2. How to use cloud connected tools to maintain business continuity and

And there is a bonus tip at the very end, because who doesn’t like a bonus?

Successfully setting up your employee’s remote workstation

We strongly recommend that before you begin to set up your remote workstation that you contact your IT technician for assistance.

If you only have one employee who will be working remotely, then they may work on a laptop which they can take home. Simply install the Sage software and make sure that your Sage data is saved on the laptop before they take it home.

However, if you have multiple employees who will need to access the data remotely it is not as simple. To avoid having to manually merge data and records from all users take a look at our cloud-based solutions. With Sage, your employees will be able to access your company’s data beyond the office.

Set up your employees to work successfully from home with our checklist.

Keep our checklist in mind to assist with the transition to remote working.

  • Ensure each employee has the correct software and equipment to work from home.
  • Have an instruction manual to help employees connect to the company’s network.
  • Do a test run to ensure none of your employees have connection issues.
  • Have a chat client such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for all staff to communicate and share files seamlessly.

Sage solutions makes it easy for your employees to get set up at home.

Cloud Connected Tools

With Sage 50 you can utilize these tools to help maintain productivity and stay in contact with your employees while they are working from home. Our cloud connected tools include:
➔ Sage Drive
➔ Office 365
➔ Cloud Backup

Sage Drive

Sage Drive will allow your employees to seamlessly work and receive Sage 50 data from any location where the program is installed, as long as the device is connected to the internet since a synchronized copy of your company’s file is shared through the cloud.

Office 365

If you use Sage 50cloud and Microsoft 365, you can benefit from apps such as Outlook, to access key information on the move, get powerful financial reporting in Excel, and conduct virtual meetings and instant messaging with Microsoft Teams.

Cloud Backup

Gone are the days for manual backups or saving data to USB drives. Cloud backup helps ensure your company’s data and files are always securely up to date from any location. You can schedule automatic backups to easily store your data.

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